Eksteen de Waal

Eksteen has delivered speaking engagements in various countries. His passion is inspiring people to find their exponential growth drivers. From the military in South Africa to corporate engagements, through empowering social enterprises in Africa and motivating startups in the Netherlands; Eksteen helps people discover beating caring heart.

“Compassion Drives Performance”, “Practical Diversity” and “Conquering your Biases are just some of the topic Eksteen speaks passionately about. Having overcome various challenges himself, he speaks from the heart and engages with the best part of ourselves.

Eksteen’s workshops on “Finding and engaging your Superpowers”  has been shown to improve team morale, performance, engagement and cohesion.

He is a supporter of helping you to unlock the power not only within yourself but also in others, after all having grown up in Africa, Ubuntu is not just a word, it is the belief that we are all connected and that we are better together

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