Hans Bassing

I spend quite some time in a fairy tale forest in the Southern Netherlands. If you should meet me there, it’s likely that you hear me telling stories about Customer Excellence and how to transform an inspiring vision into daily action. I offer different stories but one message: Start with a great story – Create evangelists & Keep the story alive. That’s why I like to see myself as a CORPORATE STORYTELLER. I help organizations to create their story and I love to tell it.

What’s more, I believe that a new era has dawn. After the experience economy we see the rise of the purpose economy. Focussing on customer needs and profit maximization alone has become so old school. The new economy craves for companies that include purpose and significance in their approach. Identity, the why, the message, the story becomes different from business as we know it. So… I also consider myself a NEW ERA SPEAKER and PURPOSE ECONOMY EVANGELIST.

‘Wherever I lay my hat…’ does not apply to me. I’m only available for companies that truly want to make a difference. If this is the case, let’s meet and talk about your dreams and ambitions and how to pass it on. My only condition is a good cup of coffee.

Wilt u mij boeken als spreker?

I like to KISS. You can contact me directly: +31-6-28484999 or info@hansbassing.com

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